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The Elizabeth C. Pope Award for Lifetime Contributions to Philately

The Pope Award was established in 2001 to honor local and national philatelists who throughout a lifetime have contributed to the good of philately. The first recipient was Elizabeth C. Pope (1925-2007), a local and nationally known philatelist who exhibited all the characteristics of a true leader. In addition to being a major force in St. Louis stamp collecting, she was also vice-president of Robert Siegel Auctions in New York after 1994.

In the male-dominated world of organized philately, Elizabeth first established herself as an accomplished collector and organizational leader in the 1940s. She became the first woman president of the Tulsa Stamp Club around 1950. In 1954 she published a scholarly study of Spain’s first postage stamp in the “American Philatelic Congress Book.”

Everyone in philately is potentially eligible for consideration to receive the Pope Award. Gender, race, creed, age, and/or religious beliefs shall not be factors in the selection of an award nominee.

Nominees must be living when selected by the committee.

The Pope Award recognizes voluntary contributions to the hobby. Those who hold paid positions within philately are eligible for consideration only in light of their contributions above and beyond the duties of their paid position(s) within philately.

Winners of the award are chosen by previous recipients of the Pope Award.

Receipents to date are:

2001Elizabeth C. Pope  
2002Thomas Alexander  
2003Hans Stoltz  
2004Bernard A. “Bud” Hennig  👐
2005Randy L. Neil
2006Hubert C. Skinner  👐
2007Stanley Piller
2008Dr. Cheryl Ganz
2009Eric Jackson
2010Dr. Elizabeth J. Nettles  
2011Janet Klug
2012David L. Straight  👐
2013John Hotchner
2014Gary G. Hendren
2015Ken Lucas
2016Patricia A. Kaufmann
2017David   & Penney Kols
Remember, this award is for contributions for the good of philately and not individual achievements.

indicates deceased; 👐 also APS Hall of Fame

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