It takes a lot of people to put on a show like St Louis Stamp Expo. Here are some contacts for various committees.

General Chairman Michael Peter
Exhibits Lining up the exhibits from collectors and laying out the floor plan. Marcus Meyerotto
Michael Peter
Awards Getting gifts as special awards, hanging ribbons, working with judges on the Palmares for the awards ceremony Nathan Esbeck
Society Coordinator Finding national societies to have their convention at the show, arranging speakers, seminars, Alan Barasch & Michael Peter
Dealer Setup/Down Checking all the dealers into the hall. Helping them move their stock, providing helpers. Maintain lists of takedown order Guy Gasser
Treasurer Keep us from over-spending. ? We run amuck ?
This website Getting everything ready before, during, and after the show Alan Barasch
Youth Run the youth room for the run of the show. Robert Mahoney
Hospitality Arranges for checkin desk. Tiffany Peter
Security Works with the Berkley Police Department to arrange full-time security for the entire run of the show. Larry Weiss
Publicity Amanda Morgenstern
Cachet Designs the cachet each year to conform to the theme of the show Tom Minor
Meeting Rooms All the audio and visual equipment for presenters Alan Barasch